NewBridge Group provides merger and acquisition advisory services to both buyers and sellers of family-owned funeral homes.


We Listen To You

NewBridge Group, LLC

Since 1997 NewBridge has accumulated a significant track record of helping funeral home buyers and sellers. As a group we have assisted in the sale or financing of more than 650 funeral home businesses. Our success has resulted from first understanding our clients’ goals before beginning our work. Buy or sell a funeral home with NewBridge Group.


We Are Connected

NewBridge Group, LLC

We have existing relationships with a variety of funeral home industry leaders including regional funeral home groups across the U.S., corporate acquisition departments and numerous independent funeral home owners or buyers. Our relationships prove invaluable when an owner wants to maximize the selling price of a funeral business but also to ensure the new owner respects the business’ legacy and history within the local community.


We Guide You

NewBridge Group, LLC

NewBridge does not receive a fee until the successful sale of your business. We provide a free valuation/appraisal of your business at the beginning of the process so that you will be able to make an early determination of the potential sale proceeds you will receive at closing.


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