Labby Funeral Homes purchased by John Yopp

Leesville, Louisiana – The Labby Funeral Homes were purchased this week by John Yopp, the owner of Southern Funeral Director Magazine.

The Labby Memorial Funeral Homes were originally founded in 1970 by the Labby family and have continued to operate and grow for more than 46 years under Labby family ownership.    The businesses have grown to serve more 300 families each year from their two facilities located in Leesville and DeRidder.    As the family sought out succession for the businesses they approached John Yopp, a long-time friend of the family.    Frank Labby plans to stay on as the manager of the business.

Mr. Yopp has a strong family tradition himself, being the owner and publisher of the Southern Funeral Director Magazine which was founded by his grandfather in 1919.     The magazine has been in print for 97 consecutive years and is still one of the most followed and respected magazines in the industry.

NewBridge Group assisted Mr. Yopp with structuring the purchase and financing of the transaction.