Buy a Funeral Home

Funeral Home Buyers can get financing and consulting from the industry leaders

Obtaining financing to complete the purchase of a funeral home is one of the most challenging pieces of a transaction. There may be a willing buyer and willing seller, but without the funds, the transaction cannot take place.

Because of this, we offer the following services and programs for financing a funeral home:

Acquisition Financing – If a buyer has some funds of his own, good credit and good experience as a funeral director, then we have several lending or financial backing programs that can provide the finances to complete a funeral home purchase.

Bank Package Preparation – For buyers who plan to obtain financing of a funeral home from a local bank, we can create a bank package that presents the information to your lender in a format that he or she understands and which will improve the likelihood of being approved by the underwriters. This format has been used approximately 50 times as of February, 2009 and has a very high success rate.

Recapitalization – For funeral home owners who may be in a “cash crunch” with their current financing, we are able to look at different scenarios that may help relieve some of the debt burden.

Partnering Program – We can structure the purchase of a funeral home where 100% of the funds are brought from an outside party, and the local manager can come in as a 10% owner and gradually work his way into 100% ownership. This structure works well for an individual interested in buying a funeral home but either doesn’t have funds of his or her own currently or is nervous about taking on the personal responsibility for a lot of debt.

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Buyers Questions

What can you offer me as an independent funeral home buyer?

For our clients that are interested in purchasing a funeral home, we can assist with the following:

  • Determining which type of business would be the best fit for you.
  • Performing acquisition searches to find interested sellers of funeral homes.
  • Obtaining financing sources to fund the purchase.
  • Guiding both the communication and transaction flow which allows for a smoother and more efficient due diligence process and closing.

Are you able to help with funeral home financing?

Yes, we have relationships with several industry lenders. Each lender has its own specialty, and we’re able to guide you through who may be the best lender to provide financing for your funeral home acquisition. Some deals may fit best with traditional commercial financing, some may fit well with an industry lender, and some may fit well with financing programs such as Vineyard Capital Partners, a financing company that we assisted in founding several years ago.